Service Agreement

Service Agreement
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Service agreement offered to web hosting services

Service Level Agreement applies to you as client for the Personal, Business, SEO web hosting plans, and also for Reseller web hosting plans.

By “uptime” we understand the annual percentage, in which your web site is available to be accessed from a neutral location via HTTP.

The uptime is measured by the Hostiro monitoring systems.

We guarantee an uptime of 99.9% in order to achieve 100% for each of your websites.

In case this value falls below 99.9% uptimewe will add the following percentages of the amount previously paid as a credit on the next invoice:


  • 99.0 % – 99.8 % : 5%
  • 98.0 % – 98.9 % : 10%
  • 95.0 % – 97.9 % : 20%
  • 90.0 % – 94.9 % : 50%
  • 0.00 % – 89.9 % : 100%

Clients accounts will not be credited under this quality commitment, if any error or downtime of the website is caused or generated by:

Force majeure situations in which we can not have any influence such as: wars, natural disasters, unavailability / interruption of communications, fire, viruses, hackers, crackers, malfunction of a software offered by other source (free scripts, e-commerce software or online payment processor), flood, earthquake, embargoes, actions of legal authorities.
Announced maintenance work, hardware malfunctions, server upgrades.
Domain Name System (DNS), problems that can not be controlled by HOSTIRO.
Customers`s access problems with FTP client, POP, IMAP, SMTP, DNS, WEB.

Crediting of the accounts is performed in percentages reported to recurring annual fees, consisting of discounts applied to next invoices.

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